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My physical details aren't important (you're here for the girls, anyway) and since I'm never filmed from the waist up who cares what I look like? I look like YOU - just an average guy. So how did I become The Porn Nerd? Simple: At 40 I found myself divorced, fat, celibate, depressed and living back at home with my mother. OMG!! This madness had to stop - and I had to get laid! But what to do? Being a former city boy without a driver's license and stuck out in the 'burbs the prospects seemed hopeless...

But then I discovered "The Secret" - a surefire way to attract sluts who would travel to me. So what's "The Secret"? You're using it right now! Yes, The Internet - and the pure kink of having total strangers see you naked and watch you fuck. Turns out, with a few cleverly-worded online ads, some phone calls and the promise of Internet Stardom, there are countless amateur sluts out there willing to strip and fuck on camera - FOR FREE! I know, I know, it sounds crazy but it's all 100% ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

As you'll see when you Join, my first few attempts were awkward and messy but soon my confidence returned (practice always helps) and I began getting some HOT footage! And, in no time, there was a new girl almost every week knocking at my door wanting to fuck The Porn Nerd! And I know what you're thinking - "He must pay these girls, right?" WRONG! Sure, they get some pictures & video in return (and, if they drove a long way, some gas $$) but that's all!

It amazes even me, even now... I've since moved out of my mom's house - whew! - but I still continue My Adventures. I travel often and guess what? There are sluts all over the world eager to meet and work with me, The Porn Nerd!

So when you Join you'll see some hot hotel shoots, too. And here's the Best Part: Inside, next to each photo set and video, there's the real-life story of how I met the "model", how I enticed her, and all the little details no one could make up. These girls lead crazy lives! But they're also HOT so it's all worth it...Since beginning this site I've gone on to create interesting, unique and beautiful websites.

You can see them all at Porn Nerd Network. Some of my sites feature amateurs, since that's how I started, and some sites showcase gorgeous and artistic erotica you won't find anywhere else on the Web. I'm proud of all I've built since living in my mom's basement a few years ago. I want to share it with everyone because I know you'll love it like I do!

Thanks for checking me out and my sites and I hope to see you on the inside, where all the fun happens!

- The Porn Nerd
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